Aurélien DEVILLE

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Aurélien DEVILLE, Speaker Researcher-junior

As a researcher in Information Systems Management, Aurélien is particularly interested in organizational changes. His research for 3 years with Bertrand Fauré tries to define and theorize the best organizational model, thanks to a « Theory of love for organizations ». With the conviction that these profound changes will be based on stronger levers, he studies the impact of social networks and more recently within SYRIUS (the interdisciplinary Federation of Tarbes research) Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

More and more researchers believe that all the paradigms change and some of them alert us about the possibility of a bad future if technologies and knowledge are not used with a humanist philosophy. That’s why we lean on philosophical concepts and thinkers. All of those elements are the basics of research of a love theory for organization to explain behavior and organizing process.

Research Area: Theory of Love for Organizations; Informations systems; blockchain;

Publications & Presentations

1. Fauré B, Deville A. Can organizations continue to communicate without love? Getting off to a good start with logistics. 2018 juill; EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), Science to Business program, Toulouse, France.

2. Robichaud D, Fauré B, Deville A. Comment faire parler l’organisation d’une seule voix ? 2016 déc 14; IUT de Tarbes, France.

3. Deville A. Comment utiliser les réseaux sociaux pour coordonner des équipes de recherche pluridisciplinaires ? 2017 déc 4; Ecole Nationale D’Ingénieurs (ENIT), Tarbes, France.

4. Fauré B, Deville A, Ausina M. Comment utiliser les réseaux sociaux pour dynamiser les apprentissages par projet en classe inversée : le rôle clé de l’assistant de cours. 2018 avr 12; Journée Pédagogique de
l’Association Régionale des IUT, Toulouse, France.

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