Bertrand FAURÉ

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Bertrand FAURÉ, Lecturer HDR

Bertrand Fauré is currently associate professor at the University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier and does research in organizational communication at the LERASS. His most recent publication is about « A theory of love as a good calculation. »

More and more researchers believe that all the paradigms change and some of them alert us about the possibility of a bad future if technologies and knowledge are not used with a humanist philosophy. That’s why we lean on philosophical concepts and thinkers. All of those elements are the basics of research of a love theory for organization to explain behavior and organizing process.

Research Area: New organizational model; Theory of Love for Organizations; organizational communication

Publications & Presentations

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1.Fauré, B., & Quaram, Y. (2016). The power to say « No » in organizations. Where does come the force that enables Kim Davis to defy the federal court’s authority? In 66th annual Conference of the International Communication Association. Fukuoka, Japan, 9-13 june.

2.Fauré, B., & Deville, A. (2017). How to govern “good” organization through communication? Towards a theory of love as a good calculation for Homo Agapus. In 33rd Colloquium of European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS). Copenhagen, Denmark, 5-7 july.

3.Fauré, B., & Deville, A. (2018a). Love of numbers in organizations. Leveraging change through budgeting? In 13th Organization Studies Workshop. Samos, Greece, 24-26 may.

4.Fauré, B., & Deville, A. (2018b). Can organizations continue to communicate without love? Getting off to a good start with lolistics. In 8th Biannual EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). Toulouse, France, 9-14 july.


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